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Andrew Winig

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If you've ever:

  • Drawn a blank when asked "What do you do"
  • Had an awkward conversation at a networking event
  • Considered quitting a business networking group.
  • Wanted to follow up but weren't sure what to say

It's ok.

We've all been there.

I know I wasted years

Struggling to develop leads

Through business networking.

Until I figured out

That the Elevator Pitch is really three skills.

And I was focusing all my energy

On the least important one.

During this 90-minute, interactive webinar

You'll develop a personalized, authentic, engaging approach to:

  • Answering "What do you do?"
  • Introducing yourself memorably to any crowd
  • Following up so people are eager to take your call.

Sound like a lot to cover in 90 minutes?

It's not.

We'll take you step by step

Through our proven process

So you'll be completely comfortable

With every aspect

Of any kind of business networking event.

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  • Andrew Winig

    Andrew Winig is your Elevator Pitch Coach. As an entrepreneur and business owner he discovered that business networking success starts with.. →

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  • 30-second elevator pitch
  • effective follow up techniques
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